Lindsay Lohan pleads poverty in Louboutin heels. Arnold and Maria fight over child support. Jason Bateman gets upstaged by a puppy. Charlie Sheen likes sex twice a day, but his ex-girlfriend insisted on 19 lays per day. TGIFriday gossip.

  • Back in court yesterday for a progress report on her probation, Lindsay Lohan was scolded for only completing 4 of 60 days of community service in the span of two months, and for failing to enroll in psychological counseling. "I'm not going to give her five extra minutes. I don't want to hear, 'Oh, I couldn't do it because I was on the set of the John Gotti movie,'" the judge said. Lindsay's excuse? "Financial issues." And yet she was wearing an ornate pair of Louboutin heels at the time, worth an estimated $1,200. (Representative samples here, here, and here.) She also blamed the paparazzi, because their presence means she can't do group therapy. Anyway, the judge said LiLo has 21 days to show proof that she has enrolled in counseling. [People, TMZ, Celebitchy, images via Getty]
  • Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver are fighting over Maria's spousal support. She'll get half of their $400 million fortune, so it's not like she'll need it, but I see why she might want it, on principle. [TMZ]
  • Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony first contemplated divorcing two years ago, when Marc had an affair with a flight attendant, allegedly. [Us]
  • Charlie Sheen likes to have sex twice a day, but ex-goddess Bree Olsen likes it 19 times a day, so their love could not be. The Romeo and Juliet of star-crossed sex drives. [Sun]

Rob Pattinson's weird uneven haircut has gotten even worse. Apparently his character in Cosmopolis flees a barbershop mid-haircut. Never say Sparklepenis doesn't suffer for his art. [People, OTRC, image via Getty]

  • If you went out dancing, and ran into Rihanna and all of the professional dancers from her tour, would you consider it a.) Awesome! I get to dance with Rihanna. b.) Awful, I can't keep up on a dance floor with Rihanna. c.) None of the above, I refuse to have my personal confidence level defined by some dumb gossip item about Rihanna. [People]
  • Fabolous went to a "gentleman's club" and photographed a carpet of $1 bills. Apparently the presence of a rapper at a strip club does not guarantee the raining of dollars in denotations of five or larger. [@MyFabolousLife, Bossip]
  • The National Enquirer thinks Rumer Willis got a boob job. What if these before-and-after photos just show her coming of age, though? Then we'll all feel like creeps. [Enquirer via Celebitchy]
  • James Franco broke up with his actress girlfriend of five years: "We'd been living together in L.A. and then came to New York to go school for two years. Then I signed up for more school at Yale. I think that was it for her." I'd have drawn the line at pretend penis pictures, but we all have different boundaries. [NYDN]
  • After meeting Jennifer Aniston's family, Justin Theroux is introducing her to his. Personally, I'd be way more intimidated by the hyper-literary family of Paul, Alexander, and Louis Theroux. Jen met Louis, and apparently he liked her. [Us]
  • Kate Middleton's wedding outfit is on display at Buckingham Palace. According to the curator, the waist is "small." [People, Us]
  • Horrible Bosses star Jason Bateman went to Petco and was upstaged by a puppy. [People]