Sure is hot out there. But how hot?

"Perhaps the most extreme (heat + humidity) day or two in the last few decades is upon us. If you haven't been outside yet, be prepared to walk into adjective-breaking, breath-sucking heat and humidity. The manager at the bicycle shop with the broken air-conditioner in Kansas City, Mo., no longer wears socks. On Tuesday, at least 17 states reached 100 degrees - a result of high pressures compressing and cooking the air. Scorching temperatures prompted the MTA to shut down countdown clocks in 13 stations Thursday. And there have been moments when Mary Stolper's flute suddenly seemed to wish, in all the sweat, to 'slide right off' her face. The heat has gotten so bad that it takes someone from Pakistan to put it in perspective. Occasionally customers will comment on the heat, and he tells them to avoid long rides. Too hot, he says. There were frozen bananas for the gorillas, and for the tamarin monkeys, heart-shaped ice cubes spiked with mealworms. 'Selling is all about someone's attitude, and the heat affects people's attitudes,' he said. 'I fully anticipate seeing a significant number of excess deaths this year, even with all the attention being paid.' He said he was 'baking like a turkey.' 'It's not your imagination; Newark is usually hotter.' 'The weather's so hot, I feel like a walking sweat bucket.' 'I'm just glad I got my air conditioner replaced,' she said as the cool air from her apartment wafted into the humid hallway. 'It gets pretty hot up here.'''

Still. It's not that hot.

[Photo: kratboy/ Flickr]