The few who had seen the failed pilot for NBC's Wonder Woman — a proposed series about the DC Comics superheroine from Ally McBeal-creator David E. Kelley — said the network had laid a pterodactyl-sized egg. Campily, laughably terrible. Which didn't come as much of a surprise to anyone. All five networks had already passed once on the script, after all, and it took a regime change at NBC to finally get someone to crunch the numbers (numbers = breasts) and greenlight the thing. But then, all kinds of magic can come with casting, with direction, with post-production wizardry. "You never really know until it's off the page and on the screen!" - Some wise Hollywood person.

Well, now you can judge for yourself. points the way to several leaked scenes, which they deem to be "glorious in their crapitude." Indeed, they are astonishingly bad. Watch now in amazement as star Adrianne Palicki, beloved by many for her work on Friday Night Lights, tries valiantly to cling to her dignity while uttering lines like, "I never said to merchandise my tits!" to a corporate boardroom that is presumably in the process of merchandising her tits.

In the clip at the top of the page, watch Wonder Woman chase a bad guy along Hollywood Blvd. for what feels like several hours, passing the same highly recognizable landmarks many times in a row, before finally catching him with the Lasso of Truth and stabbing him in the neck with the Hypodermic Needle of Righteousness. Did she just say "lawyer-up?" I believe she did! I think you are the one who should be lawyering-up, Ms. Woman. Aaron Sorkin copyrighted that phrase. If you can stand it, there's two more clips over here, including a touching scene by a hospital bed with a sick friend named Willis. Whachu talkin' about, Wonder Woman? No, seriously, whachu talking' about? I really have no idea.

UPDATE: SUFFERING SAPPHO! has taken down the clips. As soon as we can find them somewhere else we'll have them back up for you.