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Here's a trailer for Dream House, a horror movie that somehow managed to snag Daniel Craig, Rachel Weisz, and Naomi Watts for its three lead roles. It seems to be your standard-issue creepy house with a twist movie, the twist this time being that maybe the people who live in the house are actually the ghosts.

So I guess then that it's like The Others, another enchanted house movie that snagged A-level talent. That movie was actually pretty great, creepy and moody and unsettling, so maybe this will be too? Naomi Watts has done a good horror movie before — well, OK, The Ring doesn't really hold up as a movie past the first viewing, but that first viewing! Scarytown! — so maybe her taste in scripts will prevail again. And Rachel Weisz could scream at and run away from the phone book and I'd watch, so there's that.

But really this is all rationalizing for what is, ultimately, a crappy movie trailer that gives away the big twist. Or at least seems to give away the big twist. Daniel Craig is actually the guy who lived in the house where his family was killed, which made the house haunted, so now he has to live in the past while getting advice from the present (future?) about how to save his family. Or something? That "or something" I guess is what the producers are counting on to get people in theater seats. Has it worked on you? I dunno, for me this is a lazy Saturday pay-per-viewer. Boo!