Gwyneth's children are members of the tribe. Lindsay Lohan's so-called assault victim sues. Paris Hilton storms out of an interview. Jennifer Aniston introduces her boyfriend to her dad. Thursday gossip is a question of faith.

  • Gwyneth Paltrow is raising her kids as Jews, either because her father was Jew, or because with a name like Moses, it'd be weird to raise her son any other way. Ironically, Apple (pictured above) is the one she found among the rushes. Gwyneth's singing husband Chris Martin is Christian. [Us, images via INF]
  • Jeremy Piven struck out with a model, then went clubbing with Adrian Grenier, Kevin Connolly, and Jerry Ferrara. Turns out Entourage isn't scripted, just a transcript of his actual life. He just sort of rubs a strip of film on the portion of his chest exposed by his unbuttoned shirt, and Entourage appears. [P6]
  • Marc Anthony locked himself in a hotel room and talked to no one and ate room service the other day, either because he's depressed about the divorce, or because room service is awesome. Maybe he needed to be alone so he could jump on the bed. [People]
  • Jennifer Aniston wore a tight black leather dress, and Angeina Jolie once wore a tight black leather dress, too, so: Copycat! Brad-obsessed! Psycho ex-girlfriend wannabe stalker! [Us]
  • Speaking of Jennifer Aniston, she introduced her new boyfriend to her dad. [L&S]
  • Paris Hilton stomped out of a Good Morning Ameria interview because the reporter dared ask about her rivalry with Kim Kardashian. How dare they imply that Paris Hilton is anything less than the most famous useless person ever!
  • GMA: Do you worry, at times, that people who may have followed in your footsteps, like Kim Kardashian, are overshadowing you?
    Paris: No, not at all.
    GMA: There's been some talk about the ratings in the show being low. Does that upset you?
    Paris: No.
    GMA: Do you ever worry about your moment having passed?
    Paris: [Scoffs. Looks to publicist for help.]
    GMA: Do you want to wrap up?
    Paris: [Stands up and walks away.]
    Paris: [off-camera] Well, I don't want all this being used.

  • After "heated negotiations" and, one imagines, frantic publicist magic tricks (Look over there, Paris! A pony! It wants to interview you, but you have to put your mic back on.) she returned to the interview to discuss more dignified matters, like the luxury dog house she built for her chihuahuas. It is a miniature version of her real house, and it has air conditioning. [GMA]
  • Prince Albert says rumors that Princess Charlene tried frantically to escape him before their wedding—only to have her passport confiscated by cruelly controlling Monaco authorities—are "lamentable." He confirmed the rumor about staying in separate hotels during their honeymoon, though: "It was for practical reasons of course." He had to be able to lock her in from the outside, you see. [People]

Denise Richards debuted her recently adopted baby Eloise Joni. Looks like a baby. [Us]

  • Nic Cage's weird goth son Weston was arrested for domestic violence again. [TMZ]
  • The disgruntled Betty Ford Clinic employee who said Lindsay Lohan assaulted her—then lost her job for violating medical confidentiality laws by selling documents and interviews to the press—is suing LiLoLaLoca for $1 million. [TMZ]