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It's hot, huh? The whole country is burning up. Make sure you stay cool out there! Especially make sure that you don't get heatstroke, bite a zookeeper, attack a police officer, and get yourself killed by the cops.

Because, scoff all you want, it happens:

[A] woman who says she is his girlfriend and saw everything claims he was suffering from heat stroke. She told a local radio station her boyfriend was putting his head in a fountain to cool off when security showed up.

"That's when he was like, ‘Okay, hit me, hit me, you want to fight?' [...] But it would escalate. Denver police say the man attacked and bit a zoo employee and when officers tried to arrest him he turned on them.

Cops reportedly used a special kind of stun gun "that doesn't cause a shock to the whole body, but rather pain only to the area where it is placed," at which point the guy began convulsing. Attempts at CPR were unsuccessful, and he died.

So, that's pretty awful! The girlfriend says the cops "overreacted," which, ha, police officers? Overreact? Pshhh! In any event: Make sure you are well-hydrated and adequately shaded and so forth.

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