Everyone's favorite '90s villainess will soon be back on your TV. Be afraid! Also today: Someone's already upset with The X Factor, a Mormon book becomes a Mormon movie, and the strangest person is going to play the devil.

  • Shannen Doherty, the wild-eyed (in more ways than one...) bad girl of '90s primetime soap operas, is returning to the airwaves! She'll be playing the best role of all, her crazy crazy self, in a new WE reality show about her preparing for her marriage to the Prince of the Underworld a celebrity photographer. So that's interesting! I wonder if she'll get in any fistfights. (Who am I kidding, of course she will.) Actually, you know what would be a better show? If she just went on that (amazing) TLC show Four Weddings and every time was just like "No, fuck you, your wedding sucked, I win" and then punched the other brides out. Most of them deserve a good punch anyway, because they are horrible monster people. TLC's Horrible Monster People, a new wedding show starring Shannen Doherty. I'd watch it! [EW]
  • Ruh rohhhh. Somebody's mad at Fox! Well, someone's always mad at Fox, because they give the world lots of reasons to be mad at them every day, but this time someone is litigiously mad at Fox. American Idol creator Simon Fuller is suing the network for money he feels he's owed now that The X-Factor is coming to our shores this fall. It seems Fuller signed some deal with Fox a few years back making him an exec producer on Factor, but now they refuse to credit him and give him the sweet, sweet monies he so wants and deserves. What a tragedy. I hope he wins. How much longer can this millionaire go without more millions? I'll bet he has flies buzzing around his mouth right now. Flies made of diamonds. [THR]
  • Whoaaa, this is kind of exciting. Yesterday we were talking about dreamy writer Dustin Lance Black writing a play about Proposition 8, a gay thing. Dustin Lance Black knows about gay things! Well now today we hear that DLB is turning to the other thing he knows, Mormons. It seems he's been tapped to write a movie adaptation of the Jon Krakauer nonfiction book Under the Banner of Heaven, all about scary fundamentalism found within that scary church. It seems like the script will focus on the true-crime aspect of the book, rather than the Mormon history, which is a shame, though I don't really know how you make a movie out of the history part. Either way, it's sort of exciting! DLB knows from Mormons and he's proven he can due true-life stuff well, so he's a good person to write this, I think. [Deadline]
  • Remember how for a while there I was always going on and on about Hunger Games casting and everyone was like "Please someone shut him up" and then you sent that person to my house to kill me? Well, pool the funds together for another assassin, because I'm now never going to stop talking about Game of Thrones casting. Deal with it. (Or try to kill me.) Today's news is that a Camelot (the canceled Starz show, not the musical) actor named Liam Cunningham has been cast as the steadfast but wary smuggler-turned-knight Davos Seaworth, a kind of window through which we see some of the books' crazier things. He has a good look about him, this Liam Cunningham, so I approve. Carry on, casters! [EW]
  • Bradley Cooper is officially confirmed to play Lucifer the Morning Star in Alex Proyas' upcoming big budget crazytown version of Milton's Paradise Lost. That is beyond weird casting, isn't it? What's next? Aaron Eckhart IS Jeffery Dahmer? Josh Duhamel becomes Adolf Hitler? Julie Bowen as Elizabeth Báthory? Very silly, everyone! Anyway, this silly movie has just signed a silly deal to film, sillily, in Australia. [THR]
  • Whoa, my brain just blew up. Mercedes Masohn, an actress from my favorite show The Chuck, has just been cast as one of the leads on the spinoff of my other favorite show, The Bones. The Bones, meet The Chuck. The Chuck, The Bones. Next thing you know someone from my other favorite show, USA's Laugh Detectives, will be cast on my other favorite show, TNT's Loony Lawyers. The world is kind to me! [Deadline]

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