The US Postal Service: who cares about it? Nobody, which is why you better get ready for three-days-a-week mail delivery. "Says who?!" you scoff, just as you scoff at our nation's hardworking postal carriers. Says the boss, that's who:

Asked about the long term, [Postmaster General Patrick] Donahoe said, "At some point, we'll have to move to three" days a week of mail delivery, possibly in 15 years.

Only a decade and a half more of expecting a selfless postperson to slog through rain, snow, sleet or hail on a Tuesday in order to drop off your stack of Land's End catalogues which will be deposited directly into the trash, by you, as you simultaneously type an order into Amazon which will serve to further enrich the FedEx armies that garner all the prestige while the humble US postman does the hard work of serving the public, even on unsexy days like Thursday, or Wednesday.

And Saturday mail delivery will probably be gone like any year now. Not that you care.

[USA Today; photo via AP]