In the pantheon of places one does not expect blatant homophobia, "Gertrude Stein exhibit at a museum in San Francisco" is pretty high on the list. And yet! A guard at San Francisco's Jewish Museum tried to kick out a pair of females for holding hands at such an event this weekend, San Francisco Chronicle columnist C. W. Nevius reports:

"They were holding hands," Levikow said, "and he told them they couldn't hold hands in the museum."

The couple did not agree. A small crowd began to form and the guard attempted to shoo the couple out the door to quiet things down.

"And they said, 'No we are not leaving and we want to talk to somebody in authority right now,'" Levikow said.

At least the outraged mob was on the right side. The Jewish Museum (pictured above, with requisite "blackened Liebeskind kidney stone" architecture) asked that the private company that runs their security reprimand the guard. [SFChronicle, image via CTG/SF's Flickr]