It's wonderful that New York state passed gay marriage legislation, but now comes the really hard part: gay weddings. Yes, all that pent up wedding planning energy in the gay community is going to come flying out in one concussive burst, and here is the first set of grooms you're going to hate a little bit.

Today the NY Post introduces us to one very conservative, right-leaning homosexual duo. Meet Bill White and Bryan Eure, who will be getting married in September at the Four Seasons in what will be the restaurant's first same-sex wedding ceremony. There will be a floating cake in the famous fountain, tuxes by Hugo Boss, a performance by the New York Pops, and a 600-person guest list that includes President Bush, President Clinton, Barbara Walters, Anderson Cooper, and Gen. David Petraeus. Oh, and did we forget that the pre-party at Republican fundraiser Georgette Mosbacher's house and the fact that Don Imus is officiating? This is the Post after all, so they probably wanted some Log Cabin Republican types to appeal to their readership.

These guys are giving gays a bad name, but don't even get me started about ceremonies with rainbow-colored carpets down the aisle or Brad Boles and Gregg Carder, with their Great Gastby themed extravaganza.

Guests (who will be asked to don white tails, diamonds, etc.) will be transported by horse-drawn carriages and dine on period-specific cuisine while an elaborate orchestra serenades them. And pop star Taylor Dayne will sing "I Will Always Love You" for the couple's first dance.

Well, we guess equality means that gays now get to throw awful, tacky, over-the-top weddings just like everyone else. Civil rights are such a drag.