Due to some mystifying computer error, the computer programmer who told police that a comically evil Casey Anthony googled "chloroform" 84 times now says she only googled it once. John Bradley also says he alerted the authorities to the staggering error, but they went ahead and pretended Casey (or whoever was using her computer) was obsessed with chloroform, anyway.

Concealing exculpatory evidence is against the law, and Casey's lawyers are pissed. Apparently Bradley found an error in CacheBack, a programmed he designed, which Orlando authorities used to recount Casey's computer use.

For those of you wondering, "How many times do you have to google 'chloroform' to get the gist of it anyway?" I will have you know that I googled "chloroform" immediately upon reading this story, and it's just a bunch of articles about Casey Anthony and her mom now, so don't bother. [NYT, image via AP]