Finally, we get a glimpse of all the death and destruction the guidos of Jersey Shore bring to Florence for their fourth season. It's like the Fellini movie that we always wanted. It's time to get excited, everyone!

Sure, we already know that Snooki gets arrested for a car accident and Ronnie and The Situation get in a brawl, but there's even more! Snooki and The Situation hook up, so do Deena and DJ Paulie Debonaire, JWOWW's boobs and Snooki get in a fight, so do Snooki and The Situation (they even throw things at each other!), Vinny makes sausage jokes, and Deena, as usual, falls on her face for no particular reason. The only thing we didn't see is Sammi and Ronnie fighting. Maybe they're done with being "done?" We can only hope. As we see Snooki chasing after her boyfriend on a moonlit cobblestone street, screaming for him to stop with her messy poof blowing in the sooty air, we finally see the Dolce Vita we've always hoped for.