One of Charlie Sheen's scratchposts says she used to have an affair with an Oscar winner. This young actress got pregnant by another star. And this photo agency is buying cocaine for Charlie Sheen's ex, Brooke Mueller. Damn, even after leaving Charlie these girls are trouble.

1. "Bree Olson, one of Charlie Sheen's ex-Goddesses, co-hosted HOT1079‘s morning radio show in her hometown of Fort Wayne. After giving details about her relationship with Charlie Sheen, she mentioned that she has also been involved with a multiple Oscar winner who has starred in recent blockbusters:
Host 1: And was Charlie Sheen the only celebrity you've ever dated?
Bree: Dated…? Yes.
Host 1: Hooked up with…?
Bree: Yes, but man… if it got back…it would just be…I'm not the kiss and tell kind of girl…I will say he's gotten a few Oscars and he's been in quite a few blockbusters… recent ones as well.
Host 1: So, there is one!
Host 2: So you've seen his Oscars? Are the Oscars around while you guys are doing it?
Bree: I've never seen his Oscars. I've seen his one "Oscar"…
[Everyone laughs]
Host 2:… His most important Oscar.
Host 1: Is this like a private, jet-flying celebrity, or this a first class on a regular plane kind of celebrity?
Bree: A private, private jet. I mean we're talking nice jet. One of the nicest jets I've been on for sure.
Host 1: In many ways? [Laughs]
Bree: In so many ways!
Host: You're not gonna tell us [who it is], are you?
Bree: I can't. I just can't. [Laughs] Maybe this one will blow up too and I'll be back here in a few months to tell you guys about this one." [Hot1097 via Blind Gossip]

2. "We have a new source and they're claiming they are thick as thieves with this certain wild, young group of new Hollywood. This barely-legal actress that parties with this crowd, has just started to break out into the movie business but her name is pretty well known, especially in the Indy crowd. She apparently claims she was impregnated by her B+/B List costar when the two worked together on a film and was heavily persuaded by both the costar and members of his camp to abort the pregnancy immediately, to which she did. She is apparently quite bitter but using the story as leverage to get more parts with which this actor has some sway." [BuzzFoto]

3. "What famous photo agency with their very own gossip website has been giving free coke to Brooke Mueller?" [CDaN]