History was quietly made Monday evening on the Senate floor, as Paul Oetken was confirmed by a vote of 80 to 13 to become the first openly gay male judge appointed to the federal bench. He was confirmed "without a word of objection," the Washington Post reports, with even far-Righties like Tom Coburn and John Cornyn casting votes in his favor. How far The Gays have come!

What's that, you say? They still have a ways to go? You may be right, as sitting alonside the NY Times' online story on Oetken's confirmation was a targeted ad for something called the "Bathhouse" at Mandalay Bay Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, where all your preferences are catered to (assuming you prefer twinky Asians or hairy-chested daddies striking authoritarian poses).

Ah, The Gays. Finally making some strides towards legitimacy, yet marketed to like it's still 1978. Two steps forward, one step bathhouse, I suppose. [Washington Post, screengrab via NYT]