The Online Dermatology Journal has a fascinating paper concerning "Pseudomamma on the foot," which is to say "An unusual presentation of supernumerary breast tissue," which is to say: This woman grew a goddamn nipple on the bottom of her foot. There it is! You can see it for yourself! A foot-nipple!

The woman, aged 22, has apparently had the accursed thing since birth, and both of her breasts, as well as her other foot, have the normal number of nipples. "Supernumerary breast tissue," or SBT, which includes extra nipples, is hardly a new phenomenon—ask Zac Efron!—but, the paper's authors write, "this is the first report of SBT on the foot." We're not convinced that it isn't an incredibly elaborate viral marketing scheme for some horrible new Nike sneaker called "The Areola" or something ("So Sensitive It's Like Having a Nipple on Your Foot"); either way we have no idea how to feel about the whole thing.

[Dermatology Online Journal via Boing Boing]