Here it is, Rebecca Black's new single: "This Is My Moment." That she released it on a Monday says a lot about how ready she is to move past "Friday." Good luck with that!

We were all curious how Rebecca Black would follow up on her miraculous somersault into fame. The answer is: With grown-up bangs. The self-released "This is My Moment," is a "look-at-me-now" love letter to all her haters—an inoffensive, mildly catchy rehash of a dozen Justin Bieber songs past. Turns out Ms. Black is actually not a half-bad dancer, and the only hiccup of the video is the fact that her date in the limo scene looks like he's maybe 7 years old.

It may just be enough to launch Rebecca Black into mainstream success, and put "Friday" behind her once and for all. Who knows, by next Friday Frieeeday, gotta get down on Frieeday.