Since her lawyers spirited her away from jail yesterday, nobody has seen Casey Anthony. As rumors swirl about private planes, disguises, and pseudonyms, Casey's lawyers will only say that "she's gone, she's safe, and elaborate plans had to be made to keep the people away from her."

Where is Casey hiding? Your guide to her whispered-about whereabouts:

  • Did She Fly to Ohio Disguised as a Golfer? After leaving jail in a black SUV, Casey shook her lynch mob by hiding out in her lawyer's office for a couple hours. (Not the most dedicated lynch mob.) Anthony is rumored to have boarded a Columbus, Ohio-bound plane around 3AM. But airport officials say the plane in question was carrying golfers back from a Florida vacation, and the plane's owner says "she was not on the plane, no."
  • Not with Her Ohio Relatives: But is the Ohio rumor a red herring? Casey's extended family Ohio—which is her parents' home state—claim they "don't know where she is."
  • Not with Her Parents: Casey's parents also claim they don't know where she is. Cindy and George Anthony released a statement today saying Casey wanted to use them as "decoys," but they refused. Cindy Anthony has not spoken to her daughter in years; she claims she tried to contact Casey in jail, but her daughter's lawyers turned her away. Casey's defense included accusing George of raping her and inventing the scheme to abandon Caylee's body in the forest (George adamantly denies both accusations) so parent-child relations are a bit fraught.
  • Not in Puerto Rico: Casey's lawyer Jose Baez was born in Puerto Rico, leading some to speculate that he would hide her there. But Baez denied the rumor, noting "I'm her lawyer. I'm not a relative. I'm assisting to a certain extent. There is not much beyond that I can do." He added that he hopes Casey "can receive the counseling and treatment she needs." Translation: He's sick of this crazy chick, too.
  • Readying a $1 Million Interview? Yesterday a freelance TV producer told Fox News he was shopping a $1 million interview that Casey had already agreed to. Baez denied the claim, but admitted he or his client might listen to offers.
  • Hiding from Depositions? Florida nanny Zenaida Fernandez-Gonzalez is suing Casey for using her name when she falsely claimed that "Zanny the Nanny" was caring for her missing daughter. Zenaida says she lost her job and weathered harassment due to this lie; now her lawyers worry that Casey's escape will make it "impossible to ever depose her." Meanwhile Equusearch—the volunteer organization that helped hunt for Caylee after Casey pleaded for their help—wants the fugitive bad mommy to compensate them $100,000.
  • 'All Over the Emotional Map': "Ms. Anthony right now is happy. She's sad. She's anxious. She's optimistic. She's worried. She's scared. She's uncertain. She's hopeful," said Charles Greene, the civil attorney defending Anthony against Gonzales. He added, "She's a bitch, she's a lover, she's a child, she's a mother."
  • Trapped Inside a Nathaniel Hawthorne Novel: Just kidding, Greene didn't allude to Meredith Brooks. He did, however, allude to Nathaniel Hawthorne: "She is a virtual Hester Prynne of our society with a scarlet letter, a well-known face. So she is still in many ways confined."

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