What is 72,000 square feet in size, made primarily of concrete, and tucked away in a rural mountainous area? No, not a state penitentiary—at least not always. You and your inside-the-box thinking. No, the correct answer today is "Pensmore," a concrete estate being built for a concrete executive!

Located in Christian County, Missouri, somewhere amidst the Ozarks, Pensmore is the future home of TF Concrete Forming Systems chairman Steven Huff. On its very own website, the home is described as a "large residential chateau" that combines "sustainable thinking with practicality." What is practical about a 72,000 square-foot estate? I know. Well, one thing is that it's very resistant to tornadoes. It also takes advantage of solar energy technology, rainwater collection systems, and other green-energy things.

Despite all its fancy, eco-friendly elements, Pensmore is gaining attention mostly for its sheer size, which has made some people very curious and/or nervous. But maybe after Huff moves in, people will chill out and become more interested in Pensmore's Helix steel fibers and hoozywhatsits.

We have to admit, we're inspired! So we're going to construct our very own chateau made out of recycled cardboard boxes. We'll stick it under a concrete overpass, to make it extra-sustainable. [News-Leader via Fark. Image via Pensmore]