Even though attempting to sell your baby usually backfires, America's worst parents keep testing out this scheme anyway. In the latest example of alleged, attempted baby-peddling, a mom unsuccessfully tried to sell her newborn for the relatively paltry sum of $500 at her local Taco Bell. How undignified!

The mom, 36-year-old Heidi Knowles (née Heidi Gasaway) of Vancouver, Washington, now faces charges of—that's right—attempted child-selling, which is a felony. According to the Seattle Times, Knowles approached a female Taco Bell diner, "handed her the baby and offered to sell him." Apparently the diner shared our disdain for both aggressive selling tactics and human-selling, because she called 911. Clark County sheriff's deputies went to the motel where Knowles and her son were staying and found the baby in "good health." However, they arrested Knowles on outstanding warrants.

Knowles has reportedly denied trying to sell her baby, though one report describes her as evasive about the matter. When it comes to parenting, she doesn't have the best track record: The manager of the motel where she was staying says Knowles claimed to have produced five other kids, but somehow had custody of none of them. Hopefully her youngest tot never finds out that his mom once believes he was worth less than 251 seven-layer burritos, if this information can be trusted. (We never eat at Taco Bell or sell babies there, sorry!)

[Seattle Times, Image by Privilege/via Shutterstock]