The Beckhams show off their latest project. Marc Anthony missed out on meeting the Royals thanks to the divorce. Nicole Scherzinger is engaged. Sunday gossip is looking to get its hands on some Ibogaine.

  • Victoria and David Beckham posted the first public photo of their baby daughter Harper to Twitter. She looks like... a baby. You know what babies look like. So, just imagine that, but with David Beckham. The name, which Beckham had stitched into his sneaker, comes from Harper Lee, author of To Kill a Mockingbird, Victoria's favorite book. [Daily Mail]
  • Jennifer Lopez apparently dumped Marc Anthony right before heading out to meet Will and Kate last week. Which is maybe why she body-slammed Mary-Louise Parker in her attempt to touch Kate. Also: Anthony wanted to live in New York City, while Lopez wanted to live in Los Angeles. We feel you, Marc! [Mail on Sunday]
  • Nicole Scherzinger, whom They have been trying to make happen forever, is engaged to Lewis Hamilton, a confirmed British person who apparently drives cars for a living. Best of luck to both of these people. [Radar]
  • Charlie Sheen's ex-wife Brooke Mueller is going to try and kick her drug and alcohol habits by taking crazy hallucinogen Ibogaine, which is said to be the coolest way to treat addiction. It has a high success rate! Also a high rate of seeing some crazy shit. [TMZ]
  • Emma Watson and a "group of girlfriends" were seen dancing at a Patti Smith concert the other night. It seems like yesterday she was listening to the Weird Sisters! They grow up so fast. [NYDN]