Important travel info(!!!): When Transportation Security Administration agents grope and grab your or your baby's body parts at airport security checkpoints, they're protecting America from terrorism. When prospective airplane passengers grope and grab TSA agents' body parts, it's felony sexual abuse.

In other words, just because a TSA agent touches you in creepy ways doesn't mean you can touch them back. This is the harsh lesson learned by 61-year-old Yukari Mihamae, a Colorado woman who allegedly grabbed, squeezed, and twisted the left breast of Barbara O'Toole, a TSA agent stationed at a security checkpoint at Phoenix's Sky Harbor International Airport. O'Toole had not given Mihamae permission to touch her in that manner, so Mihamae was immediately arrested. She's already admitted to the unlawful touching, reports say.

Mihamae hasn't explained why she grabbed O'Toole's breast like that, so we'll speculate that it was for one of these reasons:

  • She was making a political statement about TSA's molesty security measures
  • She wanted to see if O'Toole's left breast was real
  • Her lifelong dream has always been to become known as the "Grope-Back Gal"

In other TSA news, a court ruled yesterday that body-scans are legal. Not legal: Demanding TSA agents to pass through the body-scan machine before you go.

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