Jacob Simmons and Gentry Lee Sutherland, an engaged couple from Anderson County, S.C., believe the man's face that magically appeared on their Walmart receipt is maybe Jesus's face, and therefore a blessing from God. What do you think?

A Walmart employee told Simmons that the only way to get a Walmart receipt to turn colors was to apply heat to it. Simmons did not do this! Neither did Sutherland. It is just one of those things/miracles.

The face reminds us of the imaginary bearded creep-man who haunted us in our childhood nightmares, on the nights that we weren't dreaming about Bigfoot kidnapping us from our bed and taking us away to his boring, buggy, plumbing-free forest lair. Maybe that creepy guy in our dreams was actually Jesus, though. We never made the connection, but who really knows. [WYFF, via Fark]