So, campaign finance! Perhaps in need of some constitutional reform, hmm? But for now, the rules of the game for presidential campaigns are that you call all of your rich friends and have them bundle donations from their rich friends, "sometimes" in exchange for access or favors for everyone in this elaborate network of rich friends. So who's on the just-released Obama bundler list?

The list of fundraisers who bundled $500,000+ for the Obama campaign in the second quarter of 2011 includes:

  • David Cohen, Comcast's Executive Vice President. Enjoy that recently approved acquisition of NBC Universal, David! You've earned it.
  • Jeffrey Katzenberg, CEO of Dreamworks. Now go make some ironic digital cartoon about Obama being awesome, please.
  • Anna Wintour, Editor of Vogue. A nude Obama pictorial would be nice? I mean, after he's out of office, of course.
  • Denise Bauer. Not sure about Denise Bauer, but hey, hopefully she had a nice meal at that White House State Dinner for China earlier this year.
  • Jon Corzine, former Governor of New Jersey and Goldman Sachs CEO. He'll take Treasury secretary, thank you very much. Or at least one of those fake ambassadorships to a pretty island country.

For actual information on how corrupt all of this may or may not be — we've run out of bad jokes — we turn your attention to the Center for Public Integrity.

How can you become a bundler? Who knows. Start drinking at 11 a.m. everyday, maybe.

[Photos via Getty]