Rep. Michele Bachmann's "psychologist" husband, Marcus Bachmann, is apparently starting to feel like a liability to his wife's political prospects. Either that, or he just likes talking to the papers! Because he's now going on the record to defend his Christian counseling business against charges of being anti-gay.

Bachmann tries to clear his clinics, which have received thousands in aid from the state and federal governments, from the evil liberal smear tacticians who claim their purpose is to "pray the gay away." That is not the purpose whatsoever! But if someone asks for such treatment? Then oh hells yeah, they can offer something:

Marcus Bachmann, who runs Bachmann & Associates Inc. out of clinics in Lake Elmo and Burnsville, said in an interview with the Star Tribune that his treatment business is not focused on converting gays to heterosexuality. He also denied that he has ever called gay people barbarians.

Bachmann's comments followed several national media reports this week that featured an undercover video made by a gay advocacy group in which a counselor at Bachmann & Associates is shown practicing "reparative" therapy, a process aimed at helping a gay person become heterosexual. In the therapy sessions, gay rights activist John Becker posed as a conflicted homosexual who wanted a conversion ... "This individual came to us under a false pretense,'' Bachmann said. "The truth of the matter is he specifically asked for help.''

So you decide if this man has issues with homosexuality or not! Now let's go back to discussing why his leading-contender-for-the-presidency wife would destroy the world with her particular brand of economic anti-knowledge, maybe.


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