Gloriously crazy perma-naked thing-a-ma-pout Paz de la Huerta turned a lighthearted interview with the New York Times Magazine into an opportunity to accuse her sister of trying to kill her in utero, and relive the time Elvis Presley's ghost diddled her:

You said once that Elvis's ghost gave you an orgasm in his recording studio at Graceland. That's unbelievable.
I was with my ex-boyfriend and had to beg him to go to Graceland. I felt like he was jealous of Elvis because I've always been infatuated by him, which is hysterical because he's passed away.

Your ex-boyfriend, the singer Scott Weiland?
Yeah. So I went to his recording studio because sometimes the sensitive people feel him in this room, and I stood in this corner and I felt him. What can I say? I felt him touch me.

When you say he touched you, you mean in a Hitachi Magic Wand kind of way?
I mean, come on, he's a ghost. I felt his spirit go through me and give me pleasure. I experienced that when my cat died. She waited until I got home from Sundance, and she passed away the second she was in my arms, and I felt her spirit go through my body. But this was different. It was like Elvis was tickling me with a feather.

It's almost too easy to interview Paz de la Huerta. I will be impressed when someone gets a boring quote out of her, about enjoying fresh local produce and the Home and Garden Network. [NYT Magazine, image via Getty]