There seems to be a rash of confusion lately over the identity of the one, true Casey Anthony. On Wednesday, some people seemed to think she was a black man living in a Philadelphia suburb. (His name is Casey Anthony, too.) Now we have the unfortunate case of Oklahoma resident Sammay Blackwell (pictured, right), who does look a little like Casey Anthony. (Not the black man, though — the white woman from Orlando acquitted of killing her daughter. You see how confusing this can get?)

Well Sammay, who is a gas station convenience store clerk, was given the hairy eyeball around 10 p.m. on July 8, just a few days after the Casey Anthony verdict. The hairy-eyeball-giver was Shireen Nalley (pictured, left), a customer she had noticed looked "strange, very suspicious" hovering in the store after gassing up her car. Then Shireen said to Sammy: "You look like Casey Anthony," and left.

After Sammay's shift, she walked through the parking lot to her pickup truck. As she pulled out, she saw Shireen staring at her. "I could almost see the whites of her eyes," she said. Then Shireen got in her van and began to follow her.

"I proceeded to pull out of the parking lot, and she was right behind me," Sammay said.

Blackwell drove a few miles and says Nalley suddenly rammed her van into the back of Blackwell's truck. She then pulled into a parking lot to get away.

"She hit me again, causing my vehicle to flip two and a half times, landing on the driver's side, and I just laid there playing dead," she said.

Police eventually caught Shireen, who appeared to be on drugs, and told them that Sammay was "trying to hurt babies" and that she was "going to stop it before it happened again." She is being held on complaints of assault and battery with a deadly weapon, leaving the scene of a vehicle collision, resisting arrest and reckless driving.

One creepy footnote: Sammay has a daughter. Her name is Caylee. [news9, images via news9]