In your lawless Thursday media column: the FBI's investigating News Corp, the Murdochs agree to talk to the Brits after all, a model journalism apology, a CNN reporter escapes a gunfight, and layoffs at PBS.

  • Hello, the FBI has opened an investigation into allegations that News Corp "sought to hack into the phones of Sept. 11 victims." At the request of New York Rep. Peter King, making this possibly the first worthwhile thing Peter King has ever requested! Wow. And so it begins. And possibly ends, quietly? We'll see! But it definitely has begun.
  • Rupert and James Murdoch say fine, okay, they'll show up and talk to the British government investigators next week. Ugh, such a drag for them. Whose head will roll next? Speculation is here.
  • Here's how you apologize for a journalism fuck up. Future journalism fuck-ups, take note.
  • CNN reporter Ben Wedeman and his crew were caught in the middle of gunfight while reporting from Libya yesterday, but they all escaped safely. It's time like this that make you say, "thank god I'm not CNN reporter Ben Wedeman, because I have a big old watermelon head."
  • Twenty one layoffs at PBS! Ah, it reminds me of the glory days of 2009.

[Photo: AP]