Marissa Mayer has a knack for summoning helpers, whether it's The Killers to her wedding, a Vogue photographer to her office, or Lady Gaga to her stage. But Google's know-it-all fashionbot outdid herself when she convinced police to block a key San Francisco artery during rush hour so she could upgrade her opulent penthouse.

The incident is freshly documented on Google Plus, the new social network, where Mayer uploaded a remarkable set of photos titled simply "Chihuly Install." The collection catalogs a ceiling made up of blown glass from the Washington state artist Dale Chihuly, some "400 pieces... in the shapes of sea flora and fauna," as a local magazine put it.

The installation took place several years ago, but Mayer's pictures take you inside her Four Seasons condo and into rooms where she sits alone and euphoric amid her precious glass. And the exacting Google VP revealed a new tidbit about her relationship to her hometown. A series of captions shows that the 18-wheeler dropping off her glass blocked all four lanes of Fourth Street near Market Street in downtown San Francisco—and that Mayer's decorator Edwin "flagged down a police van to hold back traffic" despite it being rush hour and raining. Amazingly, the cops dutifully complied, as you can see in this shot of the van parked sideways, and behind it a frightening tangle of cars thwarted in their attempt to take the one-way thoroughfare to any number of area freeways (80, 280, 101).

Although Mayer can be insistent about speed—at Google she's been all about making searches faster! faster! faster!—the cops really should have made her wait a few hours. The truck driver would have had to idle in some distant parking lot, and the installers would have gone into overtime. But Google employee number 20 can afford every last minute of it.

You can sample pictures of the installation in the gallery above.

The ceiling before the installation.

The problematic delivery truck blocked four lanes of 4th Street, near Market Street in San Francisco, while cops held off traffic.

OMG glass!

ZOMG more glass!!

There's seriously glass everywhere, every piece costs a billion dollars, NO BREATHING. Careful, installation guy!

Oh this? Just some bonus accessory glass and my Alcatraz view. It's definitely the lesser of my views.

Ceiling done!! Yessss.

....And yet I suddenly feel empty and cold. Is this all life is? I want to get drunk, right here, right under this sharded roof of emptiness. And imagine a ceiling made out of LOVE. Sniffle. Where is my Killers CD?