Clint's former model son Scott has gotten a new acting gig, meaning he's poised for stardom! Also today: Ted Danson makes an odd choice, the glorious rise of Wendi McLendon-Covey, and some sneaky Canadians.

  • So the casting news is that Scott Eastwood, son of grizzled old lawn-protector Clint Eastwood, has been cast as the male lead, alongside Lost's Tania Raymonde (RIP Alex), in Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3D. Blah blah, that movie will assuredly be for jerks, that's not the important part. The important part is GOOD LORD SCOTT EASTWOOD. I do feel lucky, punk! He is unforgiven for not dating me right now. I'd like to see the bridges of Scott Eastwood county. (?) Uh, I'd pay a million dollars, baby! Dirty, hairy, I don't care! I'd like to paint his wagon. Etc. Continue writing Clint Eastwood movie-based love letters to Scott Eastwood in the comments if you like. [Deadline]
  • Speaking of old white-haired men, Ted Danson has strangely decided to join the cast of CSI: Original Formula, replacing Laurence Fishburne as the head of the division. That is weird, right? Danson has had a great late-career TV renaissance, turning in wonderful, sinister dramatic work on Damages and screwball hilarity on Bored to Death. I think he should definitely do more TV. But the 12th season of Murdered Bodies? Seems odd. But hey, I've certainly never had a dump truck full of money back up to my house, so who am I to judge. If someone backed a dump truck full of money up to my house, I'd probably agree to be on NCIS: LA for god's sake! [EW]
  • The always delightful Wendi McLendon-Covey has been cast in that ensemble comedy What to Expect When You're Expecting, so good for her! She was always one of the funniest things about Reno 911! and though she suffered from a lack of screentime in Bridesmaids, her line about breaking a, uh, stained blanket in half was one of the funnier things in the movie. Carry on, Wendi! And carry on, people casting her in movies and things. [THR]
  • Here is a trailer or preview or something for the new American version of The X Factor. It's basically about how Simon Cowell is a jerk who lives in a sky mansion and drives a rocket car? Is that supposed to be incentive for watching the show? Also, will Simon and Mushmouth Abdul and the other two always be acting and saying scripted things? Because yikes. I don't know guys. I was kind of weirdly excited about this a few months ago, when we were still deep in the burning bowels of the Idol season, but now that it's summahtime and we're free and things are decent, I think I maybe already hate this show. It's basically Idol with little kids and old people. I don't.. I don't know about that. Everything about it just suddenly filled me a strange kind of sour dread. Anyone else? [YouTube]
  • Awww. Little Simon Camden is all grown up and has become a monster. Yes, 7th Heaven actor David Gallagher will do a guest stint as a werewolf on The CW's Peabody Award-winning drama series The Vampyr Journals. That show is sort of about solving mysteries, right? Maybe then he can finally solve the mystery of why the Camden family inexplicably had one child who was, um, not white. That was never explained! Inquiring minds, all that. [TV Line]
  • ABC has gone and renewed its Canadian-produced police drama Rookie Blue for a third season. On that show do they, heh, cop to being Canadian? Or is it hidden and obfuscated like so many other sinister Canadian shows? Remember when you were a kid and would watch something like Fifteen and you'd wonder why everyone talked funny? For a long time I just thought that that's what kid actors talked like. Then one day I realized the dark, terrible truth. Canucks! Filthy Canucks invading my child brain and making me think that "Sore-y" and "Laow-zee" is the right way to say words! Never again, I swore that day. Never again. So know this, Rookie Blue fans, in case they're trying to hide it: Them's Canadians. The whole stinking lot of 'em. Beware. (Though, it should be said that of course Gregory Smith remains dreamy despite his shameful Canuckery.) [THR]

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