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This morning on the Access Hollywood Live program, co-host Billy Bush, the human embodiment of a Teddy Ruxpin doll, said that Mila Kunis will not be going on her Marine Corps Ball date. Oh no!

Over the weekend Kunis agreed to be Sgt. Scott Moore's date to the Marine Corps Ball after he asked her out on YouTube, and everyone was excited and warm of heart. But now sinister old Billy Bush says that Kunis is filming two movies around that time in November, so she can't jet off to Maryland to fulfill her treasured promise. Hmmmmm. I bet they'll find a way though, right? That would be incredibly bad PR to back out at this point, wouldn't it? I mean, the guy was so excited. His mom was going to help him pick out a corsage and there was a limo and everything and they were supposed to go to Jake Murphy's house afterward 'cause his parents are at Lake Winnipesaukee for the weekend. It was gonna be awesome! C'mon, Mila. You can't do this to the poor guy. Find a way. You're a movie star! Use your movie star magic.