CNN anchor Anderson Cooper has been accused of stealing jokes for the dramatic reading he did of Shore Thing, the first novel by Snooki, the greatest literary mind of our generation. Apparently a Fox station in Charlotte has nothing better to do than go after Anderson Cooper. How silly.

Derek James (who may or may not be Kevin James' younger brother but sure looks like it), a host on Fox affiliate WCCB's morning show Wake the Fuck Up, Charlotte claims that Anderson Cooper stole the idea of dramatically reading Snooki's book from him and wants credit for it. Apparently, back in January, James did two weeks of dramatic readings from Shore Thing wearing glasses and using a pipe, Masterpiece Theater style. That's a cute gag, but two weeks? That's a long time to keep a joke going.

I recognize the somewhat facetious tone of the whole segment (it's below), but you know in his dressing room (which is really his car with a makeup person in the passenger seat) James was fuming that Andy was going to get all the attention that he rightfully deserved. It may shock you, but I actually have Andy's back on this one. It's not like doing a dramatic version of a silly book is some sort of innovative idea. We all know that Andy is too busy watching Real Housewives of Atlanta and going to the gym to be bothered checking out what the Fox affiliate in Charlotte is up to, anyway.

I mean, I could point out that I started tagging all my Jersey Shore posts "Shore Thing" before Snooki decided to use it as the title of her book, but I don't. Because I don't care. When it comes down to it, we're all beholden to the artist formerly known as Nicole Polizzi, and we're all just here to fuel the engine of her fame.