Boldly bucking current runway trends that celebrate the non-skeletal female form, clothing retailer Topshop went with Australian model Codie Young as the (miserable-looking) face of their Prim and Polished line. The reaction from eating disorder groups was swift, who denounced the company's use of a size-zero model as deeply irresponsible. Topshop took the photo down, and replaced it with another of Young in which she looked marginally less prone to shattering into a thousand pieces at the slightest touch. Young herself, meanwhile, countered accusations that she is anorexic on her personal blog:

I am naturally skinny; and anyone who knows me would know that I have been naturally skinny my entire life as my dad is 6'5 tall and skinny an my mum is also skinny, not to mention that my entire family on my dads side are all tall and skinny like me! [...] You know what some people are just naturally skinny and even if I tried to put on weight it wouldn't matter, because it doesn't matter what I eat, I dont put it on. [...] And finally yes okay I maybe an American size 0-2 and a UK size 8 so what. There are overweight/obese people who are a size 34 or 18 but know one says anything to them because you don't want to affend [sic] them!

Well, you know what they say: Nothing tastes as good as this box of Oreos feels, in my mouth, right now. [Daily News, screengrab via Daily News]