Here's a trailer for Sherlock Holmes: Game of Shadows, the sequel to the surprisingly entertaining 2009 Sherlock Holmes: Robert Downey Jr. Farts Around for Two Hours. It looks... the same!

The first Sherlock Holmes, was, of course, one of those movies that turned out to be pretty fun despite it all, which is either a good sign for the sequel—maybe it will recreate the, well, not magic, but, you know!—or a bad one, given that expectations won't be quite so low. Rachel McAdams is gone, replaced as love interest by Swedish actress Noomi Rapace—and Jared Harris, late of television's Mad Men, will play Dr. Moriarty, Holmes' nemesis. (Which is great! Harris is great!) Otherwise, it seems to be a lot of slow-motion fighting and Downey Jr. showing off.

Anyway: Maybe this will be a fun action thing. And if slow-mo hyper-stylized fistfights aren't your preferred interpretation of Conan Doyle, check out the BBC miniseries Sherlock, which "updates" the stories and stars a fellow named, actually, "Benedict Cumberpbatch." It's quite good, the first episode especially.