Well not perfect in terms of quality, it hasn't even been made yet, but the set-up is pretty perfect for some moviegoers. Also today: a character actor will play another character, Larry David is bigger than ever, and some exciting potential Gossip Girl casting.

  • That sound old riding bicycles crashing and cocktails with basil in them splashing to the ground and tote bags tearing had to do with this bit of news. Paul Rudd will be starring in a movie directed by Errol Morris that's based on a This American Life segment. Wooftie. If that is not the absolute perfect movie storm for a particular set of people I just don't know what is. Oh how they will bike over to Cobble Hill or drive their old Volvos to Coolidge Corner or, I dunno, cruise their Priuses to wherever it is in Silver Lake that these types see movies. The point is, if you wear black chunky glasses or have ever felt guilty for not reading "A Visit From the Goon Squad" (you should, it's great!), you will be seeing this movie when it comes out. It's inevitable. [Splitsider]
  • Christopher McDonald has been a workhorse actor for so many years now, and he will continue to be. He's just been upgraded to a regular on David E. Kelley's painfully quirky Harry's Law. What is your favorite Christopher McDonald role? One of the parents in House Arrest? Ward Cleaver in the Leave It to Beaver movie? Some other kind of dad? Or was it one of the movies where he plays a jerk? He always plays a jerk or a dad, often a jerky dad. And may he do so forever! [Deadline]
  • Sunday night's prettyyy, prettyyyy, prettyyyy funny season premiere of Curb Your Enthusiasm was watched by more people than have watched the show in seven years. Which is great! They had that one weird season that wasn't so good where Larry died and went to heaven in the end or whatever that was, but then last season was great and Sunday's episode was also great and it's just a really good show that more people should be watching. I mean, 2.1 million people is a lot, but it's also barely anybody when you think about it. Come on guys, where are you? [THR]
  • Speaking of ratings, Syfy's new show Alphas, about sad superheros or something, premiered to an impressive 2.5 million viewers last night. That is good news for Syfy but even better news for David Strathairn. I mean, if an Oscar nominee and all-around respected film actor is going to go on a Syfy show about superheros, that fucker had better at least do well in the ratings, y'know? Though this could also be bad news for him, as a success means that he'll be on a Syfy show about superheros for a long time to come. Win some, lose some, I guess. [EW]
  • OMG this exciting. Gossip Ginx is casting a new love interest for the blonde fart machine known as Serena and the guy they might be casting is Brian J. Smith. This is exciting because I've seen him in a play or two and he is very good and very handsome. Um, plus there's this. Mostly why this is exciting is that. I mean, he won't be doing that on Gossip Girl, I mean probably not? There's always Erik?, but still... That. [YouTube]

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