Ashton Kutcher tried to play king of the cool kids at Allen & Co.'s Sun Valley schmoozefest, convening an afterparty of boy wonder internet moguls. Too bad he only got tech's D-list to show up.

"It was the young tech guys meeting," a source told the New York Post, referring to the party at Kutcher's Hailey, Idaho compound. The idea is that the fresh-faced princes of the internet hung out with Kutcher after the wrinkled old-media dons who used to dominate the Sun Valley media summit flew home.

Sounds pretty exclusive. So who were these "tech stars," as a Kutcher buddy described them in the Post? Maybe Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, whose Ray-Bans and trademark gray t-shirt were in full effect in Sun Valley this year? Facebook playboy Sean Parker? One of the Google guys?

Executives from Airbnb, a budget travel start-up Web site... were at... the Hollywood star's retreat... sources said guests included wunderkinds from Foursquare.

AirBNB and some unknown Foursquare staffers? So many money losing portfolio companies and so little tech biz pull. Better luck next time, Ashton.

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