If you thought you were annoyed by Bravo's endless cavalcade of big haired, bigger-titted, biggest mouthed ladies of the various Real Housewives franchises, just wait until you meet the Real Housewives of the Bible.

Why do gay people, porn companies, and Christians have to take everything fun and put their own spin on it and ruin it? The A-List gayed up the housewives, the NSFW Real Housewives of San Fernando Valley made them all smutty, and now there is this biblical abomination. There aren't enough eye rolls in the world.

The series was created by holy roller Ty Adams and it retells Bible stories with lessons on how modern day women can fix their lives and marriages. Based on the Bible, of course. This is basically like Vegetales for grown women.

Bravo is completely disavowing this God-loving parody and released a (totally fictional) statement saying, "We don't need Delilah, we already have Alexis Bellino from Real Housewives of Orange the County to do our God fearing for us." Anyway, you can watch the episodes on Ty's website or pre-order the DVD that is coming out soon—not that you godless heathens could stand learn anything from the Bible or anything.