Are you looking to go to New Jersey's Round Valley State Park? (It features "swimming, boating and camping in summer, and cross country skiing and sledding in the winter"!) Just don't use Google Maps to get there, as you may end up at Laurie Gneiding's house.

Gneiding's house, which abuts the state park, was built at the end of a long driveway. That driveway somehow made its way into Google Maps as the correct address when you search "Round Valley Reservoir." Obviously, it's not, and if Gneiding lived in a different state, it might just be a matter of putting up a kindly sign at the foot of the driveway. But she lives in New Jersey:

Fearing an increase in traffic for July 4th weekend, Gneiding said she made a new sign on a sheet of plywood. It sits at the bottom of the driveway, saying, "NOT Park Entrance... Private Driveway... Google Maps is wrong!"

Drivers tried for park access anyway.

There's more than just nuisance at play, Gneiding said. While many mistaken visitors - like the one who pulled a trailered boat up the driveway on a Sunday morning at 6:45 - are polite and apologetic, others are not, she said. She told Bamboozled tales of some who were angry, using foul language that makes recent comments about Gov. Chris Christie by Senate President Stephen Sweeney (D-Gloucester) sound like they were coming from a Girl Scout.

Gneiding's contacted Google several times, but they haven't yet changed the directions.

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