The Governator (har har) may finally have a secure deal to star in a movie again. Also today: Good news about Jennifer Lopez, better news about Dr. Drew, and best news about your favorite sitcom.

  • Arnold Schwarzenegger, a robot sent back from the future to impregnate as many women as possible thus creating a Cylon-like race of (dangerously alluring) robot/human hybrid creatures, got himself into a bad PR storm with the whole Maria Shriver divorce/bastard children scandal, but now the actor turned governor may indeed be seeing if anyone still likes him anymore and turning actor again. As of right now his on again/off again Western Last Stand looks to be on again. In it he would play a grizzled old Austrian future robot man who has to decide whether or not he wants to stop being grizzled and start being real and defend his town. Linda Hamilton has been cast as a cactus. [Deadline]
  • Everyone breathe sighs of relief. You can stop kneeling by the prayer candles and murmuring soft pleas to the old gods. It seems that Jennifer Lopez will, in fact, be back as a judge on the next season of American Idol. Oh phew! Honestly. She was a good judge last season, if not a bit too nice. But maybe now that she's gotten the first year out of the way she can toughen up a bit. I think this is smart of her. The career strategy improbably worked — she's back in the conversation and getting cast in various movies left and right — but I think one season wouldn't have been enough to solidify it. Become a true household name, a living one rather than a dormant one, and then the rest of the world is yours, J.Lopes. Ideally what would happen is that she'd revert to old cool Jennifer Lopez, the serenely sexy siren of Out of Sight, Selena, and, yes, even Jack. No more booty dancing on yachts or thunderingly inept movies about serious issues. Just be the good old J.Lo that we fell in love with fifty years ago. Or however long ago it was. [E!]
  • While we're on the topic of American Idol, and I apologize for putting us on the topic of American Idol, last season's surprise(ish) early eliminee Pia Zadora Toscana has released her first single and it's... a predictably uneventful mid-tempo wistful pop ballad in the vein of previous Idol winner Jordin Sparks or the songs you used to write on your Casio keyboard that one weird fall in high school when you were trying to be one of the music kids. It's not bad, it's just not great either. I predict it will be hugely successful. [EW]
  • Aging Knicks fan Spike Lee has been tapped to direct the American version of the Korean classic Oldboy, a movie about Marcus Bachmann's AOL screenname. Or wait, no, I think it's actually about a guy who's held captive for fifteen years, then released, then seeks vengeance against his sadistic captor while finding out why he was kidnapped in the first place. The movie's title will be changed Do Absolutely None of the Right Things. [THR]
  • There's a rumor going around that celebrity lamprey ghoul Dr. Drew might be quitting his hit exploitation show Celebrity Rehab. Now I know that the show has actually done some good for some people, and I'm in no way knocking the rehabilitation process, but maybe putting them in front of cameras and then promo blitzing the hell out of the show is sort of possibly encouraging the kind of negative behavior that has helped lead to/feed their addictions in the first place? I don't know. I'm no medicine man, but it just seems that way to me sometimes. So if Dr. Drew really is quitting, I say good. Good for the world, maybe. But also maybe bad for celebrities who need rehab but won't go unless they're on TV? I mean, as long as they're in rehab right? I don't know. Sigh. [The Fix]
  • I've saved the best news for last. Are you ready? I think you are ready. ABC Family has renewed Melissa and Joey for a second season. Also the misty hands of God descended from sunny heaven and cured the world of all its ills and everything was blowjobs and all the puppies stayed puppies forever and cigarettes became good for you and wine, just wine everywhere. But mostly Melissa and Joey got renewed. That is the best of the good things that happened. [EW]

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