The only thing of note Mel Gibson has done in the last few years is get caught delivering racist, homophobic, and anti-Semitic rants. Well, now he has a gay brother to help defend him from critics. Meet Andrew Gibson, everyone.

Andrew came out, as it were, in Australia's Sunday Times and defended his brother. "When I heard them I just thought, 'That isn't Mel'. He has never said anything abusive, aggressive or racist in his life," he told the paper. Well, maybe we should take his word for it, since it's his brother and all, but it's still a hard pill to swallow. But it looks like Jodie Foster has another member for her Gays Who Love Mel Gibson club.

Andrew is 55 and lives in Sydney and works at a personal assistant to a financier. This seems like a weird time for him to make his big public reveal since Mel has been out of the spotlight for awhile and this just seems like it would draw more attention to his bad behavior. Still, it seems like Mel has known about his brother's orientation for years, and Andrew says he's supportive. "I was at a family dinner at Aria restaurant when I told Mel. He just said, 'It's not my choice, but I love you and you're my brother,'" Andrew said about coming out.

Anyway, Andrew says that he estranged himself from his family after he came out, and that things weren't always easy. "I distanced myself and they didn't come after me. It was a very difficult time. They didn't like my choice of boyfriends they wanted me to go out with a Country Road queen and I like strong, dangerous men." He likes "strong, dangerous men?" Like Mad Max or Maverick or Riggs? Why would Mel have a problem with that?

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