As journalism jobs dry up across the country, one man seems to have found a pretty decent beat. "William Breathes" somehow convinced Denver alt-weekly newspaper Westword to let him cover the medical marijuana industry in Colorado, which boasts over 300 dispensaries. That means he more or less gets baked and writes about it. But, as he explained NPR, "When I'm reviewing marijuana, I'm looking for how clean it's grown, how well it's grown." And besides sampling the product, he also reviews the facilities:

"How would an older patient feel going into this place?" he says. "How would someone new to cannabis feel in this place? If it makes me feel icky going into a place, then it would probably make my grandma feel icky. And there's plenty of grandmas around the Denver community with medical marijuana cards going to these dispensaries."

Bravo, Mr. Breathes. You win.

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