For the past 11 years, Paul Harman has happily hummed around his council flat without incident. Recently, however, a new neighbor moved into his South London building and complained to the council that Harman hums too much. Now he faces eviction.

Complicating matters somewhat is that Harman is autistic and doesn't even realize that he's humming, as medical testing has shown. Supposedly "the council" recorded him from the apartment below but won't hand over the tape, which means that no one can hear just how loud Harman supposedly was. According to his father, he's "otherwise quiet and only utters quiz question answers or 'Lovely jubbly,'" a phrase from a British sitcom.

Given how long Harman's lived in the same place without any prior or other complaints, this situation seems a little suspect. We don't know too much about UK laws regarding housing discrimination, but if anyone out there does, feel free to share your legal analysis of Harman's rights in the comments.

[The Sun. Image by Ariwasabi/via Shutterstock]