Rihanna's concert in Dallas burst into flames! David Letterman's set was broken in to by a vandal! Some women didn't recognize Kellan Lutz! The Royals met Jack Black! Sunday gossip is filled with stories of doom and disaster!

  • A Rihanna concert in Dallas ended early and the arena was evacuated after a fire broke out in the lighting above the stage. The fire was apparently minor, there were no injuries, and Rihanna promised via Tweet to return to Dallas soon. Indeed, the real tragedy seems to have occurred after the fire, when reporters tried to fit in as many Rihanna song titles into their articles as possible. "Fans weren't under her 'Umbrella,' but amid smoke and shooting flames"? Really? For shame, KDAF, for shame. [KDAF]
  • An unidentified man broke into the Ed Sullivan Theater on Saturday night and "trashed" did not trash the set of Dave Letterman's Late Show. It's Jay Leno, right? It has to be Leno. Police are currently "grilling" Jay down at the station house. Late Show taping will continue as scheduled. [NYDN]
  • Price William and Kate Middleton met a bunch of famous actors at a made-up event in Los Angeles yesterday. Here's an interesting thought: If the Brits had won the revolutionary war, Wills would have been allowed to behead anyone at this dinner he wanted, for no reason. [Daily Mail]
  • Some guy climbed over Halle Berry's "privacy wall" and "lurked" in front of her home, fleeing when confronted by people inside the house. TMZ thinks he might be a paparazzo, but he's probably just the guy to whose teeth Berry has been sending coded CIA transmissions for a decade, in which case, God, Halle, he just wants to talk to you about the reptoids, stop being so stuck up. [TMZ]
  • Congratulations to Monica, the R&B singer, who—having secretly married her husband, Lakers guard Shannon Brown, last year—threw a public ceremony in Los Angeles. Kobe and Carmelo were there, probably wearing those hilarious big suits that basketball players all have to wear, because they're so tall. [NYDN]
  • The name of Like Mike star Bow Wow appears nowhere on his baby's birth certificate, because his baby's mother was super mad at him. She's not mad anymore, in case you were wondering. [TMZ]
  • Kellan Lutz, who plays a mummy in the popular mummy romance series Twilight, was at one of New York's many awful hotel restaurants (it is a "brasserie and sushi bar," LOL), when a woman asked him to take a picture. But a picture of her friends, instead of with her friends! Because they didn't know who he is! And then they all went back to eating their sushi and French food, together, probably on the same plate. [Page Six]
  • TMZ has some photos of Maria Shriver's new Brentwood estate, in case you want to build a house that looks exactly like Maria Shriver's house and then kidnap a bunch of people and force them to attend a dinner party at which you dress up like Maria Shriver, and then you kill them later in the basement. [TMZ]
  • Jose Canseco, the best Tweeter of all the Tweeters, went nuts on his ex-girlfriend on Twitter yesterday, posting her phone number and calling her a pothead and not accurately distinguishing between "there" and "their." (He deleted a lot of it.) "Would love to meet a nice holesome midwest girl here in chicago. We play tomorrow night at 7 pm in zion if anyone is out there for me," he later Tweeted. [Jose Canseco, NYDN]