Archie Comics is attempting to ban its co-CEO, Nancy Silberkleit, from its headquarters, and stop her from going to Comic-Con this year, over allegations that she "burst into meetings to rant about male private parts." This is what happens when you introduce gays to Riverdale, folks! Everyone starts talking about dicks.

The company is suing Silberkleit, contending—according to the New York Daily News—that the executive is a "loose cannon" and a "bully." But that's not all!

The report says several employees complained about Silberkleit's vile antics, which include asking if sex toys were stored in an office safe and saying, "I need to adjust my balls."

She has also burst into meetings to rant about male private parts, according to a letter sent to her co-CEO Jon Goldwater.

"On April 20, 2011, [Silberkleit] walked into your office again and referring to a book yelled out 'PENIS, PENIS, PENIS, PENIS' and then said, "My balls hurt."

Heh. Maybe she was just quoting Jughead? But here's the real question: What book was she referring to?

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