Earlier this week we discovered that used maxi pads contain perfect circle-spots of ladyblood, which makes them sorta bio-hazardous and poisonous and therefore very inappropriate for throwing at police officers' faces, as one woman recently learned.

Back in May, 41-year-old Ada Morales of Mitchell, S.D. pleaded not guilty to aggravated assault against a law enforcement officer, resisting arrest, obstructing a police officer, and intentionally causing contact with bodily fluids based on an incident in which she allegedly threw a dirty maxi pad at a police officer—which is reportedly against the law. The papers say she also allegedly "sprayed the officer with cleaning items and attacked another officer, knocking off his glasses and scratching him"; these actions are also illegal, it seems. At the time of the bloody battle, police were reportedly responding to a mental illness call, which might explain Morales' colorful actions—if they did in fact occur.

Now Morales has to go to court in October and defend her innocence. She's asked that her court-appointed attorney be replaced with a different lawyer, because the appointed one doesn't seem to believe her. "I want to have a lawyer I can trust," she says. Wow—replace "lawyer" with "maxi pad," and you've got a solid marketing slogan right there.

[Mitchell Republic, Associated Press via Arizona Central. Image of unsoiled maxi pads—did you want otherwise? by Ivancovlad/via Shutterstock]