While getting blotto at some Bayview, Idaho bar the other day, 28-year-old white supremacist Daren C. Abbey allegedly threatened and tried to fight Marlon L. Baker, an African-American and rumored "champion" of the Spokane Boxing Club. Bet he regrets that now.

According to the Kootenai County Sheriff's Office, Abbey confronted Baker at the bar and "began threatening to stab Baker if he would not leave Bayview" because "blacks are not welcome here"—which, aside from all the obvious reasons, was so out of line, because Abbey's not even from Bayview. When Baker left the bar, Abbey followed him out while allegedly yelling racist things, as one might expect a drunken Neo-Nazi to do. Abbey then tried to pounce on Baker, who "punched Abbey in the face once, knocking him down" and possibly breaking Abbey's white supremacist nose. When Abbey came to, he was arrested and charged with misdemeanor battery and felony malicious harassment.

Baker wasn't injured at all, ha.

[Southern Poverty Law Center, via Fark. Image via NWCN]