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Last week, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie quietly used his line-item veto powers at the last minute to cut about $1 billion in Democratic spending from the state budget, items which state Senate President Stephen Sweeney says were conditional to his support for the deal. Sweeney, in response, has been calling Christie a "mean old bastard," "rotten bastard," "bully" and "punk" whom he wants to "punch... in his head." This must be doing serious damage to New Jersey's reputation as the most polite state in the union.

And during a recent television interview with Sweeney about his gripes with the governor, a sudden bolt of lightning damn near struck the beloved Senate President dead! That is going way too far in retaliation, Chris Christie. If you're pissy about the lack of sandwiches provided at your midday feeding, then order some more sandwiches. Just don't unleash your rage on others by invoking the emergency gubernatorial power to fire lightning bolts at people.

[via Ben Smith]