This music man skipped out on his $6K-a-month rent. This actor makes crazy demands of his wife. And this actress' baby daddy doesn't want her to take any maternity leave. Can't it be his turn to pay the rent for awhile?

1. "Name the major international recording artist who rented a crib in New York City, skipped out on the $6,000 monthly rent, and is now facing a court battle with the furious landlord!" [Blind Gossip]

2. "Being married to a wealthy actor probably has its benefits, but as this bride is learning, it can also be a pain in the butt. Our actor is a solid B lister, probably forever because of all his television work. Although lately it has been slacking, he had a very, very good run. His forays into movies have always sucked. Our actor requires his wife to ask what she can wear that day. He also requires that she only speaks at parties when she is spoken to, and cannot offer up any tidbits on her own, especially while our actor is speaking. The wife must eat at the same time as our actor. All expenses she incurs must be approved in advance by him. Oh, and she has to ask permission before getting to leave the house alone." [CDaN]

3. "This new mom is trying to balance her acting career and family life. Right now she is totally enamored with her new baby but her deadbeat baby-daddy is putting incredible pressure on her to go back to work ASAP. He has even set up proxy meetings with her manager and agent to get things in gear. He cares little for her feelings as a mother, but is enjoying the large payouts she gets when she does a project. If she has her way, she'd take several years off and spend time with her new addition, but he worries that will pull her off the radar and she won't be as famous anymore. He has manipulated her with threats of failure and disappointing fans and she's been weeping for weeks, torn between her choices. " [BuzzFoto]