On Monday, it seemed that the bad boy of competitive eating, former world champion Takeru Kobayashi had unofficially reclaimed his crown as the world's greatest eater of hot dogs when he bested nemesis Joey Chestnut at an alternate event in Manhattan. But video of Kobayashi's event proves otherwise.

At around the 2:15 mark in the video above you can clearly see the guy keeping track of Kobayashi's eating lose count. A defiant Kobayashi told the Daily News:

"If anyone would like to compete with me, I am here and ready anytime," he said. "If there are any requests, I will eat over 69 hot dogs, and I look forward to doing business with new opportunities."

Kobayashi is banned from Major League Eating contests. As one commenter noted on Monday, "Laugh it up, people. With the NFL and NBA lockouts, this is what professional sports are going to look like come this fall." Yup.