Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg is totally down with the gays. (The "R" is for "RAWR!") And what better way to put his money where his mouth is than to dance shirtless on a speaker at the Once Upon a Pines Party? But he isn't doing that. But he is marrying two of his top gay advisers on July 24. It's the same-sex marriage equivalent of throwing the ceremonial first pitch on opening day!

The mayor will officiate at the wedding of his chief policy adviser, John Feinblatt, and his commissioner for consumer affairs, Jonathan Mintz, who have been a couple for 14 years and have two daughters together. The wedding, which will likely out-fabulous any other, will take place at Gracie Mansion. It will be only the third marriage Bloomberg has ever officiated, after his own daughter's, and former Mayor Giuliani's.

Speaking of Giuliani, there's still no word on whether he'll ever get around to taking those calls from the gay friends he promised to marry. Tsk, tsk, Rudy. [NYT, photo via Getty]