Semi-viable presidential candidate Tim Pawlenty granted an interview in Ames, Iowa to these gals from Gliterazzi, to discuss all things Pop Culture. The highlight comes when they talk Lady Gaga (around 1:50), whose music and television specials he seems to be quite familiar with.

By all means, wax Gaga for us, T-Paw:

"Well you know, in terms of the beat, I like ‘Bad Romance,'" Pawlenty said. "I gotta say, even though she's a little unusual, ‘Born this Way' has some appeal. She's actually very talented. Now if you go to the end of the HBO special, the Lady Gaga HBO special, and you watch her sing a cappella "Born This Way," she can sing. She can definitely sing. She's talented."

Who ever said T-Paw doesn't like to live dangerously? He subscribes to pottymouth HBO! This is a game-changer.

[via Washington Post]